Archax Exchange: Digital Securities and Crypto Trading

Revolutionising Digital Asset Trading: Archax's Vision

As a regulated exchange, custodian and broker as well as a registered cryptoasset company, Archax is revolutionising the digital asset trading experience. We believe that every instrument will transition onto blockchain technologies and we want to be at the centre of it. We want to democratise access to all investment types globally with a view to creating a hub that clients can use to access a variety of investment products.

Whether it is equity, debt, fund units or cryptocurrencies, you may be able to trade and hold them together on our platform which you can either access through API or our professional, customisable user interface which provides direct access to our markets.

If you choose to use our custodian alongside our trading infrastructure, you will also be accessing a secure custodian where your positions will be held segregated from Archax’s own assets, providing peace of mind.

As a global leader in the convergence of traditional finance and digital assets, we are committed to providing professional investors with unparalleled solutions.

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