Archax Regulated Market: Institutional Digital Securities Trading

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Admit your digital issuance onto the Archax Exchange

Admittance process

Apply to admit your security onto the Archax exchange for secondary trading. Once your admittance application has been approved, Archax members from around the world will be able to trade in your issuance.

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    Agree suitability of issuance with Archax


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    Complete Archax admittance agreement


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    Archax performs required due diligence


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    Onboarded onto Archax for trading


Digital securities and distributed ledger technology provide access to new channels for raising capital from a global community and allow you to unlock value from assets that were previously illiquid or hard to trade.

  • Archax provides a global marketplace for the secondary trading of your digital security issuances, allowing easy access to its trading community.

  • Archax performs due diligence on all participants and issuers, so you can be sure that your digital issuances are only traded by approved members.