Cosaic today announced that it has recently extended its contract with Archax, a global cryptocurrency and regulated digital asset ecosystem, to include its smart desktop platform, Finsemble. Archax has been using Cosaic’s ChartIQ to power its financial charts since 2020. The extension to use Finsemble will allow Archax to quickly and easily deploy its exchange trading platform across MacOS and Windows.

“We have trusted Cosaic technology for years, and have been continuously impressed by their solutions and support,” says Andrew Flatt, Co-founder and CTO at Archax. “After a thorough review of interoperability platforms, Finsemble came out head and shoulders above the others. Time to market and their unparalleled support of both Windows and MacOS were also key. As a trusted technology partner with a commitment to the interoperability space, they were the logical choice for our exchange trading platform.”

Finsemble allows any type of application to sync and share data, improving efficiency and fostering intelligent, automated workflows. The Archax use case showcases how a platform or application provider might use Finsemble to build a fully developed platform that includes interoperating components of their choosing. It can be fully customizable and is the industry standard for native application support.

“I anticipate we’re going to see impressive results with this project,” says Dan Schleifer, Cosaic CEO. “The Archax exchange is unique in the market, allowing clients to invest in digital asset classes that were previously illiquid or hard to trade. Their clients are sophisticated with high expectations and the onboarding and user experience must be top notch. Finsemble fits the bill.”

Traditionally, trading platforms stay very static once deployed. With Finsemble, Archax will be able to seamlessly deliver innovations to their user base.

“Operating in highly regulated and fluid markets, the success of Archax rests upon our ability to adapt quickly,” adds Flatt. “Finsemble gives us that agility and will be a big part of creating the end-user experience we are looking for.”

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