Bitcoin Racing is pleased to announce its partnership with Archax, the only FCA regulated exchange, broker, and custodian for digital assets in London, as a major sponsor for the team and star driver Chris Mackenzie in the 2024 JCW MINI Challenge. This collaboration promises an exciting season of motorsport, aimed at showcasing Bitcoin Racing to millions of TV viewers on primetime TV channel ITV4 and hundreds of thousands of spectators in the UK's premier motorsport series.

The 2024 JCW MINI Challenge kicks off on April 27th at Donington Park Circuit, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for Bitcoin Racing and Archax. As a team committed to innovation, Bitcoin Racing welcomes Archax's sponsorship, highlighting the natural fit between motorsports and the evolving world of digital finance, as well as the company's dedication to supporting projects aimed at driving cryptoasset adoption.

Chris Mackenzie, Bitcoin Racing's driver and an employee at Archax, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "I'm thrilled to have Archax sponsor us for the 2024 JCW MINI Challenge. Their support will be crucial as we battle against top competitors. With Archax behind us, I'm confident we can succeed on the track and raise awareness about Bitcoin's potential."

Mackenzie also expressed pride as an employee at Archax, saying, "Working at Archax has been fantastic, and their support for employees' dreams sets them apart. I'm proud to represent both Bitcoin Racing and Archax."

Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax, shared his excitement, saying, "We're proud to sponsor Bitcoin Racing and Chris Mackenzie in the 2024 JCW MINI Challenge. This partnership allows us to showcase digital assets in an exciting environment. We look forward to supporting the team and raising awareness about cryptoassets, supporting widespread adoption."

The partnership reflects both Bitcoin Racing and Archax's commitment to educating a wider audience about the potential  of cryptoassets. As the 2024 JCW MINI Challenge unfolds, both entities are poised to make an impact, driving conversations about the future of finance.

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About Archax 

Archax is a London-based digital asset exchange providing institutional-grade trading and custody services for digital securities. Committed to revolutionising the world of finance, Archax offers a regulated platform for institutions and professional investors to access and trade a wide range of digital assets securely and efficiently.

About Bitcoin Racing 

Bitcoin Racing is a UK-based racing team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of motorsports while promoting innovation and technology. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to success, Bitcoin Racing strives to inspire fans and stakeholders alike to embrace the future of racing and digital finance. 

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