Institutional-grade custody

A regulated, multi-asset, insolvency-remote solution

Archax provides its secure and segregated digital asset custody service in partnership with METACO and IBM.

METACO Harmonise, a digital asset orchestration system, is trusted by leading institutions such as BBVA, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, SG FORGE, Société Générale and Union Bank, offering the highest standards of security and compliance. The solution provides a programmable policy engine for secure automation of the most complex workflows which can be cryptographically proven.

The solution seamlessly integrates into IBMs Hyper Protect Crypto Service, built on top of LinuxONE servers utilising FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware, ensuring the highest level of protection for private keys.

Treasury Solutions

Safeguarding for both you and your clients

This service is targeted at professional and institutional clients; it is not available to retail clients.

As a regulated broker and custodian, Archax is able to offer a wide range of treasury services to regulated and unregulated, digital and non-digital firms.

Archax offers access to the following:


Cash custody

GBP, USD, and EUR cash can be held in bankruptcy-remote accounts, ring-fenced from Archax’s funds.


Money Market Funds

Access money market funds in multiple currencies. Find Archax's range of available funds, with differing minimums, profiles, and redemptions periods, here.


Interest-bearing Instruments

Archax is able to hold a range of eligible assets – with varying yield and maturity profiles – providing a safeguarding service for regulated firms; ensuring you fulfil your regulatory needs:

Short-dated government bonds and bills

Short-dated corporate bonds, commercial paper and bills

Depending on client risk appetite, Archax can also offer:

  • Yield enhancement strategies
  • Longer dated government and corporate bonds
  • More structured solutions