Custody and staking services

Securely hold digital and traditional assets with our custodian and earn yield on Proof of Stake protocols

Secure institutional custodial services

The Archax custody service is designed to keep your assets secure above all else. We use a segregated, insolvency-remote structure, and our ISO 27001 certification ensures the highest level of security for your investments. Archax custody covers a variety of asset classes, including regulated digital securities, traditional securities, cash, unregulated crypto, NFTs, and stablecoins.

The system supports leading blockchain protocols and provides institutional-grade key security in collaboration with our partners METACO and IBM. The system has been built with all the controls and processes that institutions both need and expect and operates in the same regulated way regardless of asset type. This ensures unparalleled levels of service and security for all types of digital asset.

Staking services

At Archax, we understand the importance of asset productivity.

Our custody service supports a growing number of staking opportunities to generate yield from Proof of Stake protocols.

To optimise yields, we use efficient validator configurations and employ various validators for diversification.

With a segregated custody solution and daily reconciliations, we strive to provide seamless and secure staking services, with maximum security and optimal yield on your digital assets. Join us today for a seamless experience in the digital asset landscape.

Custody process

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    Complete portal application form


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    Archax performs required due diligence


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    Sign relevant contracts


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    Onboard to Archax secure custody service


Archax provides its secure and segregated digital asset custody service in partnership with METACO and IBM.

METACO Harmonise, a digital asset orchestration system, is trusted by leading institutions such as BBVA, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, SG FORGE, Société Générale and Union Bank, offering the highest standards of security and compliance. The solution provides a programmable policy engine for secure automation of the most complex workflows which can be cryptographically proven.

The solution seamlessly integrates into IBMs Hyper Protect Crypto Service, built on top of LinuxONE servers utilising FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware, ensuring the highest level of protection for private keys.