Ami Ben-David

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SPiCE VC

Ami Ben David

Ami is the co-founder and managing partner of SPiCE VC, a fund specializing in the tokenization of assets on the blockchain, a fast growing market SPiCE helped pioneer when it tokenized its own equity (Symbol:SPICE). At SPiCE, Ami focuses on both tokenization infrastructure projects supporting the market's growth, as well as tokenized startup companies and projects.

Ami is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He was a co-founder of Securitize, a founder and head of product and marketing at mobile search company, co-founded mobile content company Ki-Bi Mobile, CRM company AladdinSoft, and messaging startup WorkGroup. On the corporate side, Ami was VP Investment at VC fund Magma Venture and was the SVP Europe and Asia at casual games company Oberon.